Diving into the middle

I’ve been considering starting a blog for a few years, but I was waiting for just the right time.

Waiting for the right time, getting frustrated that life doesn’t seem to offer up a lull* during which I might start something new, ┬árealizing that there is never going to be a lull, laughing at myself for ever thinking there would be a lull, and then, finally, diving headlong into a new part of life is a pattern of mine.

So I’m diving right into the middle of my story, and how I see the world around me and the strange variety of subjects that occupy my thoughts during any given day. Maybe in one of these early posts I’ll write a miniature bio or a nearly-true memoir.

Eventually, we’ll get to know each other better.

* lull: a period of time longer than two days and shorter than a rut when nothing in my life – or the lives of my loved ones and the people to whom I’m closely connected – that drains so much energy from me that I feel like I should have a ‘No Vacancy’ sign on my forehead and another on my back. ┬áNo such sign exists; and, since it looks like there won’t be a lull, there’ll always room at the inn.

I just love mixed metaphors.